Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Are You Comfort Eating After A Broken Relationship?

When a relationship breaks down and you are feeling upset and all alone, it is so easy to turn to food as a substitute for love.

Comfort eating can be ok for a short time, but if you continue to over indulge in the chocolates and sticky buns, the weight is sure to pile on.

Of course it is only natural to be upset over a broken relationship and it is good to let your feelings out and have a good cry and indulge in some of your favourite naughty (but nice) food. But after a short time you really have to try and get your life back on track.

Even though it may seem impossible right now, life does go on and you can be a strong independent person and live without your ex.

Just imagine for one moment that your ex walked back in the door right now. Would your ex really want you back when they see you have gone to pieces and are all sad and forlorne? No of course not.

So come on - get a grip and show them that you are better than that. You can do it!

You had a life before you met your ex. So call up some of your friends and go out and have a laugh and a good time. Get back into your old hobbies that you used to enjoy before your ex took up all your time and energy.

It won't happen overnight but little by little, you will gradually get over your broken relationship and one day you will meet someone new and they could be the person of your dreams!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weight Loss And Self Esteem

The reason why some people are overweight is through lack of self esteem.

Although they may not like to admit this to themselves, deep down they feel they are somehow worthless or not good enough. They may feel unloved or they don't deserve to be happy.

Because of these feeling they often resort to comforting eating and because they know they have eaten too much, they despise themselves even more for their weakness. This then forms a vicious circle of feeling worthless, comfort eating and self loathing.

So if this is you and you feel worthless or not good enough, for whatever reason, I want you to watch this video.

I want you to know that you are worthwhile. You are deserving and you are very loved.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Weight Loss And Regular Exercise

By getting into a regular pattern it makes the task of losing weight considerably easier.

If you know that you are going to exercise at the same time every day then your body will soon become adjusted to the fact that it will be exercising and this not only makes the exercise easier but it also ensures that you will stick to the plan and reach your goals a lot sooner than you would if you weren't consistent in your actions.

By keeping a record of your fitness training, you will be able to improve your performance in small steps that will result in big gains over the course of your program.

A regular checkup with your doctor is always recommended to ensure that all aspects of your health are improving and any concerns that you might have can be answered before they have the chance to escalate.

You might occasionally have a break from your weight loss program and this is not unexpected. It can actually do you a lot of good to have the occasional break from routine, provided of course that you get back to the program in a reasonable time and don't slip back to your old habits.

By adding variety to your food and your exercise it will ensure that you don't get bored as this is one of the main reasons that many people struggle to maintain their plan and achieve their goals.

If possible get others to join in with you when you are training as this can help to relieve any boredom and also inspire you to do more training and improve your performance.

Always try to associate with positive people and those who will help you to reach your goals and don't accept any negative energy from others as this will only hinder your chances of success.

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